‘Did I Just Do That?’ is a cock jerking new movie with hot gay porn stars and released by ‘Str8 To Gay’ which is part of the Men.com network machine. This movie, which shouldn’t be missed, stars all exclusive to Men.com star Johnny Rapid and the hunky Lucky Daniels.

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Johnny Rapid is an all exclusive star to Men.com. He is in his in his early thirties, and is quite often used as a ‘Daddy’ Figure. He is good looking with a lean body and a hairy chest.
Johnny is five feet 10 inches tall, has brown hair and gentle blue eyes. He is versatile with an eight-inch cut cock and a lovely tight ass.
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He has starred in 42 hardcore movies for Men.com and he starred as ‘Hans (not so solo)’ in the ‘Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody‘ movie which was released by ‘Super Gay Hero’ which is another one of the ten sites that belongs to ‘Men.com.’
Lucky Daniels is a good looking hunk with a designer beard and a great hard body. He is a versatile bottom with a seven and a half inch cut cock and a juicy fuckable ass. He is five foot nine inches tall with brown hair and seductive brown eyes.
He has starred in eight movies for Men.com, and in his last movie, he gets his butt drilled deep by Charlie Pattinson in ‘My Boyfriend’s Ex Part 2.’

‘Str8 to Gay’ is all about getting straight men into bed with gay guys. I mean, have you ever looked at a straight guy and really wanted to suck on his cock, or get him to fuck you, or the other way round? I know I have, and I know many gay men who have this thought as their ideal fantasy.

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Johnny Rapid stars as the straight guy in this great hardcore gay porn movie. He wakes up in the morning and turns over to kiss his girlfriend. The problem with that is the fact that it’s not his girlfriend lying there, it’s Lucky Daniels. Johnny can’t believe it, he is straight and never had sex with a man before. Lucky wakes up in the mood for round 2, but Johnny tells him that it was all a huge mistake and tells him to get out.
Johnny then remembers last night and all the fun that they had, in fact, it was the best sex he has ever had. The rest of the movie as all about what happened the night before.
Johnny has used his roommates gay App so that he could get someone round to have sex with them. Lucky Daniels turns up at the door, and Johnny can’t wait to get him naked as they take a long lingering kiss.
Once naked, Lucky lies on the bed on his front and takes Johnny’ eight inch hard cock into his mouth and starts sucking on it. Johnny moans and groans with excitement, especially when Lucky gently squeezes on his hanging and heavy balls.
Because Lucky’s cock sucking is so good, Johnny gets him on his hands and knees before he cums too soon. It’s Lucky’s turn to moan out in sheer pleasure as the camera zooms in close up to his puckered up asshole as Johnny starts rubbing his hole. He spits into it, and then circles his thumb around Lucky’s tight entrance. Johnny slaps his hard cock between Lucky’s butt cheeks directly on to his now wet hole which makes Lucky beg to get fucked.
Lucky lies on his side and as the camera stays on his butt hole, we watch as Johnny spoons his cock deep into his butt hole.
Johnny Rapid drills him deep and hard and in all kind of exciting positions. When Lucky Daniels is on his back and getting fucked in the missionary position, they both shoot their hot sizzling cum over his ravished body.
This movie is not to be missed, especially if you have experienced waking up in the morning and wondered what had happened, and who is that lying beside you?